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Sustainable Tourism

Environmental and Quality Policy

Caybeach is an organization that has five non-hotel resorts, all of which are focused on quality, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of their management and the creation of a qualified team of people which exceeds the expectations of its customers. To do this it has a work systems based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard as an international reference of business excellence.

Furthermore, Caybeach is aware of the impact that the activity of its non-hotel resorts has on the environment and therefore has developed an environmental management system according to the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 International Standard that enables control and improvement measurements to be continually established in each of its aspects: monitoring of electricity consumption making use of solar panels, water consumption monitoring systems, optimisation of cleaning products, purchasing products that respect the environment, control and prevention of possible environmental emergency situations, etc.

Caybeach is strongly committed to the prevention of contamination with the continuous improvement and the fulfilment of all the applicable legal requirements and any other that the organization may enter into with third parties. Caybeach wants to go beyond this and involve the subcontractors with which it works into its management, as well as providing its customers with the tools to participate, through information, recycling centres and any other activity that may be considered to be of benefit to the environment.

This Policy is continually reviewed by company management, who, after approving it, wish to make it public as proof of our commitment.

Purchasing Policy

Social and Environmental Sustainability is a priority in our purchasing policy and we apply the following criteria as much as possible:

We favor the purchase of products made or produced in the Canary Islands, this reducing the environmental impact of unnecessary transfers, as well as favoring the economic development of our environment.

Preference of bulk products that avoid the generation of small and constant discarded containers.

Identification of all chemical products with a dangerous pictogram with the intention of finding alternatives with less impact both in their use and in the management of their waste. Replacement cleaning products that has been possible for products without a danger pictogram and with less environmental impact. In addition, these are products with lower foam production that allow a rinse with less water.

Use of concentrated products that are diluted by reusing the containers used by the cleaning staff and therefore reducing the amount of waste generated.

Carrying out awareness actions jointly with our suppliers in order to promote this efficient system.

We demand from our suppliers strict legal compliance as well as verify that they are approved companies and registered in the public administration (when required) ensuring at all times compliance with safety, hygiene, environmental requirements and other requirements that may be required.

Human Resources Policy

As a general rule, we stimulate the recruitment of Canarian staff, if possible, residents in the area where the complexes are located, in order to perform a more flexible schedule, while gaining closeness and reducing the inconveniences of coming from distant points. In this way, we support the social development of the area, becoming a tool for the creation of local employment.

We strictly respect labor regulations and assume a code of good practices:

  • Rejection of any type of harassment at work.
  • Rejection of any sex, race o nationality discrimination.
  • Respect for the dignity of people in the workplace.
  • Recognition of individual merit and reward for work well done.
  • Empowerment of a pleasant working clima.
  • Continuous training plans for professional development of our staff while completing their qualification as part of our team.
  • Strict compliance with the Prevention of Occupational Risks legislation. Active participation of the entire company in the culture of prevention and constant support training.

In compliance with the General Disability Law, which establishes that all companies whose workforce is 50 or more workers, must have a “reserve quota in favor of people with disabilities”, we work with Special Employment Centers that help us in the selection of personnel with functional diversity, which is integrated into our work team adapting the position to your personal needs.

In addition, in compliance with the Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men, we favor employment policies of equality in access to employment and hiring, equality in professional classification, promotion and training , equality in remuneration, measures for organizing working time – reconciliation of personal, family and work life and prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination

Safety and Hygiene Policy

Guaranteeing safety and hygiene to our customers is one of our highest priorities and therefore we are submitted to continuous internal and external controls:

In terms of Safety and Hygiene, we assume local, national and european regulations, following the recommendations and applicable legal requirements in everything related to the safety of leisure and recreational facilities: swimming pools, jacuzzi, playgrounds, mini-club, etc.

In Food Safety we are under rigorous controls and audits (HACCP), including kitchens and warehouses inspections, sampling and analysis of food by a specialized company of the highest prestige as well as constant training of our staff in food handling.

We offer our customers the maximum information on the ingredients of all our dishes in compliance with the current law to avoid possible allergen poisoning.

Both the water of swimming pools and the supply to our lodgings are subject to rigorous controls and bacteriological analysis in order to avoid possible legionella risks. Likewise, we have in place specific preventive action plans and continuous training for the staff responsible.

In terms of fire prevention and other emergencies, we guarantee compliance with the regulations and we train all our staff in matters of prevention and action in case of fire.

We demand all our services suppliers related to safety and hygiene to be approved and discharged according to current legislation and to provide us with all the necessary evidences as a requisite for their hiring.

Relationship between the economic and social environment

We believe that all economic activity should be positively related to its environment, not only minimizing the negative effects that may generate but creating stable bonds that allow mutual benefit.

In the social area, we have established an agreement with the Adepsis association to the application of the General Law on Disability, hiring and integrating people with functional diversity into our complexes.

We also work with different training centers for the reception of trainees favoring their professional development and completing their knowledge with our own reality. In addition, we collaborate with social nonprofit organizations.

We have an internal procedure to the Prevention of children exploitation that includes detecting methods of possible risk situations for minors, behavior protocol and acting protocol case of this situations.

We ask our guests to inform us immediately if they detect any situation in which a minor may be attacked or at risk.

We encourage the promotion of entertainment and leisure activities outside our establishments, providing a positive impact on the economic development of the municipalities in the area, always ensuring that they are respectful with the environment and that it doesn’t have a negative impact on it: local markets , shopping areas, guided tours, outdoor sports and local restaurants with Canarian gastronomy.

We are especially committed to care about the local flora and fauna, and we ask our customers to avoid any practice that could harm them and inform us if needed.